The guest does not need to make a deposit. Only if the guest voluntarily wants this.

Payment can be in advance or after the excursion in cash.
When will I get my money back if I am unable to attend my booked tour?

Free Cancellation
Up to 24 hours in advance – 100% return

Up to 12 hours in advance – 50% return

Less than 12 hours – 0% return

Please be aware of our NO REFUND POLICY. 24 hours prior to your tour departure you may still cancel. But within the 24 hour window no refund will be made unless you have a certified doctor’s note stating you are unable to attend the booked tour on the given date. Thank you. Curaçao Dreams Travel B.V.

We Patrick & Sevi will be on site personally on each trip. The execution is made only by Patrick & Sevi and his team. Each guest gets a tour confirmation.

We accept no liability for loss of valuables, such as camera, mobile phone, purse, etc.


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Persons with disabilities

Curacao Dreams Travel can not guarantee that the transfer vehicles will be wheelchair accessible. However, we will endeavor to take the necessary precautions when informed. However, this can be associated with additional costs.