The plant life on Curaçao

Curacao is a rain poor island, characterized here do not grow so many stunning plants. The most frequently occurring plant is the cactus in any sort about 100 different species. No other plant can store as much water as the cactus. Then and today the cactus is also used as fence.Since none jump over.

The poisonous tree on Curaçao is de Manchineelbaum (Manzailla fruit). It can be up to 10 m high and has small green fruit that look like small green apples. The tree contains potent toxins. It is prohibited when it rains under this tree stand, because when it rains, a whitish liquid forms that can lead severe burns in contact with skin. This tree may not be burned also, the vapors can lead to blindness. Please do not eat this little apple-like fruit. Toxic!!!!! This tree can be found very often near water and also almost always a warning sign.