2,5 hours

Oceanic Dolphin Boat Combo by Dolphin Academy

Enjoy a Snorkel session with the dolphins and afterwards, join our trainers on their boat in the open sea with the dolphins! A truly VIP program as space is limited to only two participants per trip. We consider our open sea excursions with the dolphins to be symbolic of the cooperative relationship trainers have fostered with them, and now you can come along for the ride. See them frolic in the high seas, surfing the waves alongside the boat and enchanting beach goers along the shore! Curacao is one of the few places in the world to witness such an event.

Price: US$ 284 adults / US$ 284 children 6-11 years

Event Duration: 2.5 hours

Event Times: 08:30 am

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    Ticket typeAdult, Kids 6-11

    Oceanic Dolphin Boat Combo
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