1.5 Hours

Snorkel Combo by Dolphin Academy

This is definitely the best of both worlds for the most experienced snorkelers, capable of diving down while holding your breath underwater. This two-part extended program provides you with an informative and interactive “Encounter” style lesson in waist deep water before the trainer hands you completely over to the dolphins. The doiphins guide you through their realm at their own pace while the trainer is merely an observer. This is your opportunity to forge a deep connection and rapport with the animals while their true dolphinalities shine bright. If free-style snorkeling is your thing, this is the one for you.

Price: US$ 249 adults / US$ 249 children 6-11 years

Event Duration: 1.5 hours (40 minutes in the water)

Event Times: 08:0 am until 02:00 pm 

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    Ticket typeAdult, Kids 6-11

    Snorkel Combo by Dolphin Academy
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